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How long will my order take to arrive?
Since our Grille Inserts are made just for you, expect them to ship within 2-3 business days of your order. You'll get your tracking number in 1 business day, and it'll ship either USPS or UPS. But keep in mind, shipping time may depend on how fast the carrier feels like going, but typically delivery can be expected in 2-3 business days. (Shipping times might get a little loopy during holidays or crazy weather.)


Shipping charges for your grille insert are set at a fixed rate, and even though the real shipping cost is higher, we cover the remaining cost ourselves.

Since the pandemic, overnight shipping is no longer guaranteed by the carriers (UPS and USPS). Overnight shipments will be sent out the next business day, excluding weekends, but we cannot ensure overnight delivery.

Are the inserts made in the USA or China?
Every component of the Dirty Acres Grille Insert is manufactured in the USA. The aluminum sheeting used in our grille insert is sourced and powder coated in Georgia. Even our packing materials are from Texas! Proudly made in America!

Will this make my engine overheat?
ANYTHING you put in front of your radiator will increase engine temperature and decrease your air flow, and anyone who tells you different is lying! After countless years of 'research' (aka off-roading and highway shenanigans in our personal Jeeps), Dirty Acres has crafted an insert that lets your radiator and engine compartment breathe freely, while safeguarding them with style. Your engine temp will rise by 5-7 degrees, but in all our years of business, we've never had a single complaint of overheating! No matter if you've got an insert or not, always keep an eye on your engine temperature! If your engine tends to run HOT though, we'd advise against placing anything in front of your radiator.

Will my insert hold up well?
Dirty Acres uses only AMERICAN MADE powder coated rust resistant perforated aluminum, and we dare to go further with UV cured high performance ink and clear coat for added protection. Just like your Jeep can get roughed up with rock chips and fading, your insert will experience the same wear and tear, especially since it's right up front on your Jeep. The UV curing process keeps the colors looking vibrant for years, but they might show a little wear and tear over time. For example, our friends in states where it snows or in an ocean front climate, you may experience more wear and tear from the sand and salt than here in TX. Don't panic though, it's covered! Should you experience any exceptional issues, please contact us immediately so we can get you information for a warranty exchange. We’ll send you the warranty exchange form, so simply send your insert and the form back to us and we'll get a replacement out! 

Warranty exchange is limited to identical design and model upon receipt of the original insert. Contact us at to request the Warranty Exchange Form and initiate the process.


What is the refund / return policy?
We get it, sometimes people want to send their purchase back.  No worries, we'll take your UNUSED insert back within 30 days of purchase! Just keep in mind, there's a 15% restocking fee to give that insert a fresh start before we work our printing magic on it. Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable. This policy does not cover custom designs; they are not eligible for refunds or exchanges.


Tire covers are NON-REFUNDABLE.


The responsibility for return shipping lies with the customer.


How do I install my Grille Insert?

Install will vary model to model, but JK and JKU are fairly simple to install.  Pull the six pins holding your grille in place, pull the grille forward two inches, drop insert in, making sure it's not resting on the sensor on the bottom right, replace grille and pins!  The fit will be very snug, ensuring your insert will not shift or fall during road time.  Easiest mod you'll do to your Jeep! 

We include instructions with every insert but if for some reason yours are missing, or you'd like to preview the instructions before your purchase, email us at and we'll send you a copy.

While we provide instructions, each Jeep model (and every Jeep in general really...) is different as far as installation goes.  Due to mods done by yourself or previous owners, installation may vary slightly.  There are a few videos available, so look up Dirty Acres Install on YouTube - it’s always a great resource! If you decide to make a video for YouTube for your install, email us to find out how to receive a partial refund once your video is posted!



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