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Custom Grille Insert - Surface Warfare Officer Pin and Arizona Flag - Double Sided
Custom Grille Insert - Surface Warfare Officer Pin and Arizona Flag - Double Sided

Custom Grille Insert - Surface Warfare Officer Pin and Arizona Flag - Double Sided

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Double Sided Grille Insert - Surface Warfare Officer Pin and Arizona Flag



This will TRULY be a custom experience like you've never had before, something no one else can offer you. 

Email me at dirtyacres@outlook.com to get started.

Let the magic begin!


Here are all the details...



INSTRUCTIONS: Please send your custom design inquires and information to dirtyacres@outlook.com (Before Ordering). Please include as much information as possible and feel free to send photos for reference. We cannot produce copyrighted or trademarked logos. (Ex. Google logo, Nike Swoosh logo, Jeep Brand logo, Team logos, etc.)

Keep your Jeep safe from hazards that may cause damage to your radiator with a Dirty Acres Grille Insert. While most specialty inserts do nothing as far as aesthetics, this grille insert can put the FUN back in functional!  Your JK / JKU grille insert takes little time to install, and requires no drilling for installation.

Making your Jeep stand out in a crowd has never been easier!  

As a Veteran owned business, we fully stand behind our products.  Whether it's rock chips from winter roads, or you take out a tree on the trail, send your insert back to us, and we'll replace it.  Simple as that!  Life is already complicated enough, let's not add more stress.  LIFETIME WARRANTY, guaranteed!

NOTE:  Color may vary slightly. 

Gladiator Grille and other aftermarket grille options are available - Please note your specialty grille style in the 'NOTES' section of the order form.

Please double check the model of your Jeep using the chart below prior to ordering!

CJ: 1976-1986

YJ: 1987-1996

TJ / LJ: 1997-2007

JK / JKU: 2007-2018

JL / JLU: 2018 + 

GLADIATOR / JT: 2019 +

RENEGADE / BU: 2015 + 

PATRIOT / MK: 2007-2017

CHEROKEE / XJ:  1984-2001

CHEROKEE / WJ: 1999-2004

CHEROKEE / WK:  2005-2010

LIBERTY / KJ:  2002-2007

LIBERTY / KK:  2008-2012

COMMANDER / XK:  2006-2010

OTHER models or vehicles by request - please email us at customdesigns@dirtyacres.com


  • Rust resistant perforatedaluminum
  • Radiator and engine compartment will receive proper airflow, while enhancing the personalization of your Jeep.
  • Powder coated and Clear Coat Protected
  • Fast & easy installation on your JK!






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